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Dunya News- Hasbe Haal - 18-10-2014 by Hamaradrama

Artist : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Song : Sadqay Tumhare
Directed By: Ehtesham Uddin
Produced by: Momina Duraid, Samina Humayun, Tariq Ahmed Shah
Written By : Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar
Schedule : Friday at 8:00 PM
Drama Cast : Mahira Khan, Adnan Malik, Samiya Mumtaz, Sanya Shamshad, Qavi Khan, Aamir Qureshi, Farhan Ali Agha, Irfan Khosat, Rehan Sheikh, Shamil Khan etc
Sadqay Tumhare OST - Full Title Song New Drama... by m5870696
Mahira Khan  is Not Interested to Become a Part of Rat Race
  Film is not my first inclination, Mahira Khan on the open of task 021 an forthcoming action crime story of Shaan Shahid, the attractive Mahira Khan uttered her feelings with regards to work in film production. The lady is quite content with her roles in dramas and needs to make her name famous in Pakistani drama industry. Her following choice would be model.

she said, "I don’t would like to grow to be a part of this rat race of being no1  in any grassland, my plan is to achieve appreciation in the drama entertainment industry and she would love to be active in movies if the work is qualitative and awe inspirational”.

She prefer to work in various and quality roles. At the in attendance, Mahira is busy for her forthcoming Pakistani film Bin Royee Aansoo heading for by Sultana Siddiqi. There are plenty of movie offers at Mahira's plate many producer want to cast her for films but she is paying attention in testing yet various roles to avoid monotony.  Mahira enjoy working in Pakistani film rather than in any Indian film.

So far she has worked in only film BOL, which was the fantastic hit movie of its time at large in 2011.

The rock star and musical brains, Atif Aslam forever comes up with exclusive looks.Recently Atif has been seen in the Advertisement of Q-Mobile, Noir 10 in which he is generous a Jhonny Depp enthused give the thought of being!
We see Atif with a relaxed beard and long delicious locks. Dressed up in all black set of clothes, the stylish hunk looks like a movie celebrity! the length of with his lengthy haired look, Atif is also seen sporting his admired fro-hawk in a portion of the Ad film.
According to the reviews, fans are not in truth appreciate this appear on Atif Aslam, but because of this, he has become the gossip of town.

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Narin, now a successfullawyer, used to subsist in a poor locality with her family. Her father was unemployed and intoxicating; he used to bang her and didn’t agree to her to go school though she was a brilliant student. But he wanted her to work and earn for the family. Despite of getting beaten up by her, she one way or another managed to continue her studies as her only aim was to place on her won. Just like their member of the clergy, Narin’s brother never supported her passion to study and her only help was her younger sister. When Narin passed National University Exams and went Istanbul to attend her Law School, she left everyone behind and turned back to her past. She never contacted her family and tried to not remember her past. She started to live with a rich girl Deniz, who was very alone yet friendly. Their bond developed and Deniz always helped Narin financially and sensitively. When Narin become a successful lawyer, she continued to see her best friend. but one day her life turned advantage down when Deniz’s younger sister Irmak came back from Sweden with her Fiancé Firat. Narin accepted Firat but ideal not to talk about that to anyone. Firat and Narin used to be lovers when they were in high school. And Firat is Narin’s first love that she could never forget. Firat’s comeback bring a lot from the past and things become difficult for Narin. Will Firat and Narin fall in love again? This story based on love, cruelty against women and desire will certainly keep audience obsessed.